Let The Referrals Begin!

"Spread the word and reap the rewards with our referral program!"

  • 01

    What Is My Goal?

    My goal is to recruit BLANK fundraisers/Volunteers on a Daily/Weekly basis. Contact the Organization for more details.

  • 02

    Referral App Sign Up

    Contact all my fundraisers/Volunteers to get them registered on the ConnectTeam App

  • 03

    Training/Set up

    Once they are signed up, they must do an online training to start fundraising.

  • 04

    Let's Start Fundraising

    Each Fundraiser/Volunteer must show up to be counted for.

  • 05

    Getting Paid

    At the end of the week, you will be paid $25 for each fundraiser/volunteer that show up during that week! $10 Bonus call 678- 870-4295 for details

Interested In Our Referral Program

Please reach us at info@urnth3cribfoundation.org if you would like to move forward!

This position is commission pay only!

Every Week!


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